These are conference presentations by Lars Albertsson, founder of Scling, in the last few years. The presentations in bold are the most recommended / unique.

Lars's slides are collected on SlideShare.


We have also collected other people’s presentations and articles in a reading list.

Data architecture & technical strategy

  • Data infrastructure for a word of music, presented at RISE SICS 2014. Slides.


These presentations contain technical tools and strategies for implementing user privacy and GDPR compliance. For a long time, Lars was the only person describing technical big data privacy solutions in public forums. If you are aware of other similar resources, please let us know with a mail to

Stream processing

  • A practical primer on building real-time data-driven products, presented at High Load Strategy 2016. In collaboration with Øyvind Løkling. Video and slides.

Data processing test strategy

  • Engineering data quality, presented at Øredev 2019. Video and slides

  • Test strategies for data processing pipelines, presented at Hadoop User Group Stockholm Meetup 2017-10-23. Slides.

  • Testing data streaming applications, presented at Stockholm Testing Talks Meetup 2017-04-06. In collaboration with Øyvind Løkling. Slides.

  • Test strategies for data processing pipelines, presented at High Load Strategy 2016. In collaboration with Øyvind Løkling. Video and slides

Data strategy

  • Organising for data success. Presented at Riksbanken (central bank of Sweden) in 2015. Slides.

Data processing tactics

  • Scalable real-time processing techniques - how to almost count, presented at Javaforum 2014. Video and slides.

  • Scalable real-time processing techniques - how to almost count, presented at SICS Cloud and Big Data Day 2014. Video and slides.


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