Mission, purpose, values

Scling’s mission is to enable established companies to benefit from the value in data at a level and efficiency that has so far been restricted to highly technical companies. The ability to handle data efficiently gives superpowers. These powers have so far been limited to a small circle of data mature companies. The larger mass of corporations have barely started scratching at the value of data, and there are not enough experienced data engineers and data scientists to satisfy the need for all of them. 

Scling was created from a desire to use the power of data to make a positive impact on the world. There are many socially responsible companies with humane values for which the ability to make use of data will be the difference between success and failure. We believe that we can maximise our impact on the world by gathering data engineers and data scientists that share our desire to a team that provides data-value-as-a-service to these companies.

Humanitarian values and social responsibility affect all company decisions, large and small. In practice, it is reflected in the customers that we choose to work with - or rather, not work with. We will not work with companies active within the military sector, surveillance, betting, fossil fuels, aviation, or that are headquartered in non-democratic countries. For customers within other sectors, we are happy to provide any data services that are lawful, with the exception of face recognition, which we believe must be regulated before being put to commercial use. 

Our values are reflected in our daily work. Every choice of supplier is an opportunity to impact the world, and we favour suppliers that are socially and environmentally responsible. We treat colleagues, suppliers, and customers with integrity, kindness, and respect, and we expect customers and suppliers to reciprocate.

Founder - Lars Albertsson

Lars has worked in data-intensive environments since joining Google in 2007, and has built data processing architecture at scale at Spotify and Schibsted. Since 2016, he has worked as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, helping companies get value from data through technical big data solutions and strategy consulting. He has had clients ranging from startups to technology-intensive companies, and to large enterprises. He is a frequent conference speaker on big data topics.