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Data engineering: How to build industry-strength data lakes and processing platforms (online edition)


May 26 - 28, 2020. 9-17 CEST

Location: online

Price:11,000 SEK excluding VAT (c.f. regular course price 22,000 SEK)

Free for public service and non-profit organisations engaged in Covid-19 response! See below.


This three day course teaches practical data engineering, how to build industry-strength data lakes and data processing platforms, and how to use them to build robust, scalable, and high-performing data processing applications.

The course focus is practical engineering, with real-life examples. We will cover architecture and development end-to-end, from data collection through batch and stream data processing, to exporting and serving data artifacts to users. In selected key areas, we will go down and cover implementation in detail. The course includes theoretical lectures as well as practical exercises that teach programming of scalable data processing frameworks. The contents are vendor neutral, but we will present a recommended selection of open source and public cloud components that serve as a starting point for a complete technology stack. 

The previous instance of this course received a net promoter score of 9.0 out of 10. See the bottom of this page for more course evaluation metrics.

Online course edition

Given the current pandemic situation, this course instance will be an online course. Should the virus recommendations be relaxed, participants will have the option to attend in person on RISE premises in Kista. The course contents and format will otherwise be identical to the regular course, with a limit of 24 participants. We will all be in the same Google Meet session, and use a shared G Suite document for notes and questions during presentations. We will provide assistance for lab exercises with virtual desktops or screen sharing.

This will be the first time we hold an online edition of the course. Since we have little experience with online training, and due to the risk of technical mishaps with presentations and exercises, we will offer the course at half the regular price, and ask for your patience in return.

Target audience

The course targets professionals requiring a hands-on understanding of state-of-the-art data engineering practices, such as data engineers, backend engineers, data scientists, business insights developers, database admins, and managers of those roles. Participants are expected to have at least three years of technical work experience.


Course participants are supposed to be proficient in either a major object-oriented or functional programming language, e.g. Java, Python, C++, Scala, or to be proficient in data modelling and SQL. For the practical exercises, it is recommended that participants work in pairs, ideally one person with developer experience and one person with data modelling experience.


Practical exercises will be done in Scala. Participants who do not know Scala in advance need not fear, however. Advanced language features are not needed, so it is sufficient to go through a tutorial in advance. Links will be provided.


Participants need to bring own laptops, and download the exercise source code a few days in advance. Links and instructions will be provided. The exercises depend on open source libraries, downloaded as part of the preparations.




Lars Albertsson

Lars is founder of Scling, providing data-value-as-a-service - a partnership solution for creating business value from data. He is a frequent conference speaker on big data technology and privacy protection. Before founding Scling, Lars has worked at Google, Spotify, and as an independent consultant, helping organisations create value with data processing technology. As independent consultant, his clients have ranged from startups to banks. LinkedIn profile at




The following topics will be covered in the lectures. Practical exercises will be interleaved with the lectures.

  • Overview and motivation. Why building a data platform, and how to use it.

  • Data collection. Gathering data into a data platform.

  • Batch processing. How to process data with scalable frameworks, such as MapReduce, Spark, Flink, etc.

  • Intro into serving and NoSQL. How to export data from a data platform, and how to serve data-driven applications.

  • Workflow orchestration. Connecting batch processing flows into robust pipelines.

  • Real-time processing. Data processing with scalable stream processing frameworks.

  • Deployment. Deploying batch processing applications in production.

  • DataOps and quality assurance. Testing, continuous deployment, error handling, and engineering data quality.

  • Lifecycle, evolution, schemas. How to evolve data pipelines over time without breaking applications.

  • Privacy by design. Architecting data processing in order to comply with privacy regulations.


Other info


The course is held in English, unless there is unanimous agreement for holding it in Swedish. The course material is in English.  


Consider registering in pairs, coupling developer experience and data-modelling experience.

Maximum number of participants is 24, and the minimum for holding the course is eight. 

Lunch and coffee is not included in the online edition, but breaks will be provided. :-)


Register for the course by filling in this registration form. Please note that registration is binding. Registrations are manually processed. After submitting the form, you will receive a response confirming admittance to the course.

Final registration date is 2020-05-08.

Invoices will be sent before start of course, with a 30 day payment period.

Covid-19 responders

If you work in a Scandinavian public service or non-profit organisation that is involved in Covid-19 response, you can apply to join the course for free. Fill in the registration form above and describe how you and your organisation are involved. Include a link to your resume or LinkedIn profile. 

This offer is meant to facilitate for public service, healthcare, and other organisations to obtain capabilities to use data, where it might otherwise have been prevented by budgets, bureaucracy, "lagen om offentlig upphandling", or other friction. We are a tiny startup with small economic resources, however, so if you are at all capable to pay the course fee, now or later, we kindly request that you do. But if you can only join if it is for free, please do. We reserve the rights to reject applications for arbitrary reasons.

Cancellation policy


Cancellations more than 14 days before the course are refunded in full. Cancellations 8-14 days in advance are refunded by 50%. Cancellations 7 days or less in advance are not refunded. A registration can be transferred to another participant without charge, however.


If the number of participants is too low, Scling retains the right to cancel any activity up until 14 days prior to its start. In case of emergencies with limited time for Scling to respond and make changes, or unexpected unavailability of the lecturer e.g. due to illness, Scling retains the right to cancel closer to the event than 14 days. Scling is responsible for informing all participants registered for the activity as soon as possible. Scling is not liable for any costs accrued by the participant or their organisations, with regards to cancelled events. Scling is also not liable for any costs when the activity is cancelled due to factors Scling cannot control, such as strikes, blockades, lockouts, war, governmental regulation, police or legal court orders and other occurrences that are considered force majeure. Scling will refund the registration for a cancelled event.

Past courses

Data engineering: How to build industry-strength data lakes and processing platforms


November 18 - 20, 2019

Location: Stockholm

Price: 22,000 SEK

This three day course teaches practical data engineering, how to build industry-strength data lakes and data processing platforms, and how to use them to build robust, scalable, and high-performing data processing applications.

Course evaluation results

Net promoter score - Would you recommend the course to colleagues?    9.0/10

Was it time well spent?    8.8/10

Did you learn things useful for your work?    8.5/10

Did you have fun?    9.2/10

How well did the onsite practical arrangements work?    7.8/10

Evaluation response rate: 12 out of 22 course participants. 

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Tel. +46 70 7687109

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